A documentary film about a few out of 669 children rescued by Sir Nicholas Winton from the hands of the Nazis

David Mináč

Writer, Actor, Secondary Director, Editor, Producer


Cover Statement

I worked on several internationally acclaimed projects including documentary Nicky’s Family which was awarded 40 prestigious awards worldwide including Best Documentary 2011 on Montreal International Film Festival.

During past years I wrote, co-wrote, co-directed edited and produced numerous projects which included both feature length projects, documentaries and student movies.

I also acted in several films including a Christmas feature length fairy tale movie Orest or a highly ambitious student movie, Magic Show which is set to be released in summer 2015. In 2013 I received WAFTA award at University of Southampton for best editing of a short movie Medieval Dream. I was also involved in more than 30 University television projects between 2013-2014.

Recently I co-directed a documentary movie with feature reenactments “Through The Eyes of Photographer” which is set to be released this year. Currently I also work on a larger scale feature length European co-production movie “Never Give Up”.

Skills and interests:

I am a current student at University of Southampton. I am highly energetic and not afraid of challenges. I also correspond with excellent communication skills and high comprehension making me capable of delivering outstanding service. I also take actively part in various sports (swimming, tennis and basketball). I play guitar and regularly perform on concerts.


Available upon request

Job Experience

Secondary Director, Co-writer (Never Give Up), W.I.P Ltd, Prague, Czech Republic
(In Development) Preparing a European feature length movie about a road trip to Italy from Czechoslovakia in 1989.) 


Secondary Director Co- writer (Through the eyes of photographer), W.I.P Ltd, Prague, Czech Republic
(In post-production) Co-directed and co-wrote a documentary with feature reenactments and a country leading photographer.) 

2014 - 2015

Producer, actor, Co- writer (Magic Show: The movie), Lonely Filmmaker, Wessex Films , London, UK
(In post-production) Produced, co-wrote and acted in a lead role in largest university film production.

2014 -2015

Editor (Medieval Dream) , Wessex Films, Southampton, UK
Received WAFTA student award for best editing 2013 of a short movie, Medieval Dream.Editor (Medieval Dream) , Wessex Films, Southampton, UK


Director, DCP (Southampton University Television), Susu TV, Southampton, UK
Actively took part in major television productions (Elections 2013, Varsity Night, Blackout, Lipdub 2013)Director, DCP (Southampton University Television), Susu TV, Southampton, UK

2010 - 2011

Film Researcher (Nicky’s Family), W.I.P Ltd, Prague, Czech Republic
I researched in archive for materials used in a movie.

Assistant of director (Nicky’s Family), W.I.P Ltd., Bratislava, Slovakia
www.nickysfamily.comDelivered excellent service as an assistant to director at production of multi award winning documentary film “Nicky’s Family” currently in worldwide cinema release including USA cinema distribution. 


Actor, Nicky’s Family, Prague, Czech Republic
Acted in feature reenactments in documentary “Nicky’s Family” (2011) 


Casting Manager (Happy Bungler), Czech Television, Brno, Czech Republic
Organizing a major casting for film production of a feature length fairy-tale of Czech Television, Stastny Smolar(Happy Bungler) 


Actor (Orest), Slovak Television, Bratislava, Slovakia
Acted in Christmas feature-length movie called Orest (2010) produced by Slovak Television 


Public relations assistant in photographic department, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Worked for 5 years with internationally well-known actors and directors in providing excellent service in photo sessions. 


Organizer of two charity guitar concert, Guitar School Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
Organized two charity concerts for elderly people in Bratislava 


Organizer of Music Festival, British International School, Bratislava, Slovakia
Held key responsibility in organizing student led music festival which was advertised by CNN in CNN World Report 

Charity worker, Magna, Bratislava, Slovakia
Organized and delivered various charity presentations to numerous school audiences to support the ill children in Cambodia 


BSc (Hons) 2:1 Degree in Psychology and Film
University of Southampton, Southampton, UK 


Completion of International Baccalaureate (IB) at British International School,
Bratislava, Slovakia 



Activities, Awards

Member of Southampton University official Film Society “Wessex Films”

Member, Southampton University Student Tv “Susu Tv”

Member, Southampton University official fundraising society “RAG”

Wessex Film Award” Best Editor (2012-2013)


English, Slovak